Project NITE started 5 years ago.

The idea for the NITE project arose from a family tragedy when founder and main investor, Mr Stjepan Dikanović lost a close family member, instilling a deep, personal desire to help others avoid the same fate.

Mr Dikanović founded DIKA MONT LLC (Ltd) in 1990 with the main aim to create products of value to humanity.

Soo many people today are living with sleeping disorders and it has become a public health concern in many parts of the world. Unable or unaware how to deal with it, sufferers are living unhealthy existence. A large number of people never seek help, not to mention the vast numbers that have developed a dependency on a wide array of medications, and can no longer imagine a life without them.

With the NITE project and the device, our aim is to liberate people from their sleeping difficulties and disorders so they have an improved quality of life without  feeling tired or worrying if they will fall asleep that evening.

The NITE device has proven efficiency through testing conducted in various institutions across Europe demonstrating improvement in the quality of sleep amongst participants. 

Another distinguishing feature of NITE is its useful mobile phone application that personalizes the therapy to its user.

We hope you also find NITE useful in your life!