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NiTe 1G is an innovative product that enhances sleep quality by increasing the levels of melatonin in the human brain. It is a therapeutic, supplementary device, suitable for grown-ups who are experiencing some sleep disorder or a sleeping problem.

It is a non-invasive device placed on the eye-temples and used before going to sleep.

NiTe 1G stimulates the activation of the pineal gland to produce the ”sleep hormone ”melatonin, to ease your body into a natural state of quality sleep.

We are excited that the NiTe 1G will be available on the market by the end of November 2019.

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Technological developments have resulted in the development of smart medical devices, which can be divided into four main categories:

Our extensive research shows that the NiTe 1G device is suitable for any adult suffering from a sleep disorder, in particular insomnia and Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders (CRSD).

There are no known side effects from the research conducted on NiTe 1G. See more details in FAQ 13 below.

You should use NiTe 1G for approximately 15 minutes before going to bed or any time before you want to sleep. You do not need to wear it throughout the night and if  you wake up, you can wear NiTe 1G for a while to help you fall back to sleep

As NiTe 1G is a portable device, so you can always carry it with you, whether at home, on business trips or holidays. NiTe 1G is completely silent when operating, and won’t disturb others around you at home or when travelling.

Once the device is charged, you need to pair it to the NiTe 1G application that you will download to your mobile phone. Then, follow the instructions on your mobile phone and place the NiTe 1G over your eye-templates. Make sure both NiTe 1G device applicators are placed on your eye-temples and start the program on the mobile phone . The therapy program will start and after your personalised therapy is finished, it will close automatically. When you are done, briefly press the power button to turn off the device and remove the NiTe 1G applicators from your head. The only thing left, is to have a great NiTe 1G sleep!

Yes, of course, you can. Our developers will install the program on your NiTe 1G device. You can contact our developers on (provide contact addressor international phone so people can call and get the programme).

Once when you have the programme installed on your NiTe 1G device, turn on the device by briefly pressing the power button located on the top of the device. Activate the program by pressing the same button for 5 seconds. The therapy program will start and last for 15 minutes, after which it will close automatically. When you are done, briefly press the power button to turn off the device and remove the NiTe 1G applicators from your head. Then go ahead and have a great NiTe 1G sleep!

NiTe 1G is a therapeutic device and therefore does not require FDA approval.
NiTe 1G has EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) certificates that were granted.

The most recent testing was completed in the fall of 2016 in the diagnostic assessment and clinical research organization Daacro,Trier, Germany.

The testing was performed over a 21- day period on saliva samples that contain measurable melatonin levels.  The testing was performed over 3-day intervals and included:

  • application of the device without any stimulus (placebo effect),
  • application stimulus,
  • monitoring melatonin level without stimulus.

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NiTe 1G consumes a very small amount of power. The battery lasts for about five days without charging when you wear NiTe 1G for 15 minutes before going to sleep, and not all night. Once finished, you can turn off the NiTe 1G and put it aside, ready for a good NiTe 1G sleep.

NiTe 1G is rechargeable with a standard micro USB cable.